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Solar Automation

Maximize generation with Holmium Technologeis applications unified Care of Solar assets for optimal plant performannce

  • RMS for Solar Rooftop/Hybrid and MW/Utility plants
  • PV-DG synchronization with cloud-based RMS
  • Zero Export with cloud-based RMS
  • Wired/Wireless SCADA for Solar MW/Utility scale
  • Telmetry service for solar MW/Utility scale Plants
  • Weather station for solar Plants
Solar Automation

Water Automation

We are one of the leading names in the list of manufacturers of Water RO/purifier machines and accessories.

  • Control and monitor water dispensing
  • Control and monitor water treatment plant
  • Smart Water purifier
  • Ground water level monitoring
Water Automation

Instrument Development

We are pushing ahead with the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as sensing systems, analysis using AI to support manufacturing in our group, focusing on productivity improvement, automated inspection and predictive maintenance.

  • Develop instruments for customer applications
  • Develop software solutions for specific applications
Instrument Development

Why Choose Holmium

Cost-efficient Services
Cost-efficient Services

Deliver cost-efficient services and Create a positive impact on your portfolio’s return on investment.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

24/7 access to your real-time data, health reports and Minimize downtime and associated O&M cost. We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved.

Performance maximization
Performance maximization

We offer a complete suite of products & services for streamlined asset management and Performance maximization to delight the Customer.

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Connect multiple inverters and meters along with weather sensors such as irradiation & temperature to keep track of plant performance through the Holmium D-Log. Our platform supports most inverters out of the box & can be easily customized to work with new ones.
For plants that have restrictions on energy exporting, our solution allows you to dynamically control output power on all inverters on a single device or across multiple rooftops and ensure that no power is exported to the grid while maintaining maximum generation from solar.
Solar power plants can now be run together with diesel generators by controlling solar generation to ensure a healthy minimum load on the genset. This increases fuel efficiency and means your solar plant does not need to remain idle during those power cuts!